Greetings to All,This message is brought to you by the moonbase controls!
The pun is intended in each curious fun way. As we broadcast
out the Programs that make us smile. We hope you find fun,
inspiration and creative geeky-ness as “uplifting as we do”.
So tune us in and listen UP/giggles…. we have much fun instore
and Rockin Rawnie is back, let us rock the Universe with our
MOONBEAMS of Music!Howlin at that Moon!Rawnie DeDouglasUPDATE:  disclaimer of costumes and sets/this is a show/any representation to reality is non intentional, our DJs are Players
in a play of silly clean fun, uplifting and full of wonder. Keeping the child alive and well, with the respectful family viewer ever in mind. Rated G for Good fun/not a pun…Other than the various programs we offer; use the contact link to set up interviews and ask about
being a part of our broadcasts as a guest! Showcase yourself!So take note and be a part of future shows!